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My Girls >3

My Girls >3
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rant to all those who complain!!!

If you are a crafter you know that this is a hobby that we all love:)
For those of you who complain about everything and not getting your way then don't CRAFT!!! This hobby is meant to make us happy and not complain about stupid things like "Oh I can't join this group cause i'm international"!

GROW UP.............. and move on

No one ever said life was fair you just deal with it!

If you want a craft group to be international then start one and don't complain about the time and effort it takes to make a group happen. We should be lucky that some wonderful artists want to share their time and effort to make a group for us to join!!!!

This is just my rant for those who are always ruining everything for others....
Poo on u!!!

Laura De La Rosa
The Vintage Key

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hey Guys Marion Smith from {A Piece of Craft} has created a new Kit & Swap club!!!
EXCITING right! Well this is a first come First serve. See the video below for more details and visit Marions website for more info:

Laura De La Rosa


Hi Everyone just want to give you an update on my status!

Yes I am Pregnant..... {17 weeks to be exact}!

It's been a while since I have blogged and I am sorry for that. Since the day I found out I was pregnant has been constant craziness! Both families & Friends are really excited and keep asking us about information on the baby, as we do not yet know what we are having, I hope to know around the 2nd week of Feb.!!!!!!
As for scrapping I'v been getting back to that know that the first Trimester is over! I was always tired and know I have my energy back!!!
I am super busy with CHA projects for Graphic 45!!!
You have to check out their blog for all the new paper collections and Staples!!!
I am also busy getting my apartment ready for the baby to be here!

Laura De La Rosa

Questions Answered

I know that you were intrested in the Top Hat I created, so below I have reposted the Tutorials Pt.1 & 2 and the pattern below. You can always visit my YT videos and find the tutorials there aswell. Please send me a pic of your Top Hat as I would love to see how it comes out!!!

Yes I make kits to sell and I do have some kits left from time to time, if there is a kit you are intrested in please let me know and I will check my stock to see what I have.

As always you ladies can email me with any questions regarding to my posts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Top Hat Pattern:

Laura De La Rosa
The Vintage Key

g45 necklace

Christmas mini

Christmas scrapbook donated to Dow Electronics christmas party {}