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My Girls >3
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Lots $2.00 Deals

A few days ago before the Scrapbook Expo I went to Big Lots in Plant City, Fl. where I live.
I always go there b-cause they carry lots of differnt scrapbook items for an AWSOME price. Below are the items I purchased for $10.00 + tax of course. Each item was $2.00 and that was a steal for the items I bought.

So go and check out your local Big Lots to see what you FIND!


The Single Scrapper

So Big Lots is my favorite place to get scrap goodies. I've found so many great things there. Recently I've found really great fibers for $1 and I stacked up. Of course. I'm trying to keep myself from spending so much money at Papertreyink. My cart is so full of scraptastic lusciousness that I'm scared to press send.

Gingerbread Girl

Cool! Our Big Lots is not very good.
Hopefully it will improve. I did pick up a few goodies at Tuesday Morning after watching Steph's YouTube video.
The fibers were worth it all!

g45 necklace

Christmas mini

Christmas scrapbook donated to Dow Electronics christmas party {}