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My Girls >3

My Girls >3
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Butterfly Love!!!!

Hi Ladies,
I discovered a way I could make Damask Butterflies!!!! Awsome I know! So I am posting some pics of the ones I already made. I will sell these on my Etsy shop. They will sell for {4 butterflies for $5.00}. I think thats pretty fair considering all the work I put towards making these lovlies!!!!
I will also make a Youtube video showing all of them. Enjoy the pics.
Laura De La Rosa
The Vintage Key



Hey Laura - 2010 is time for a fresh beginnning for all of us - our household is still reeling from the slow down in scrubby's business & the loss of my job in 2009 - (will we ever get caught up???) - still love your work & enjoy following your blog - wondering if you got around to creating the GGS August Trade mini - still checking my mail for it (lol) - would love to have that mini for some pix of my perfect princesses & princes - TTFN
LL & P,

Sarah Lou

Oh that one in the corner with the dolls dress - just darling. It really makes my heart sing!!

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