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My Girls >3

My Girls >3
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New beginnings!!

Hi everyone!
I am trying to organize my scrapbooking room b/c part of it is going to be my office. Lots of things in this room Ahhhhhh……..
Still trying to wonder where everything will go? We shall see soon!!!!! Hopefully I can place a video of my craft space & catch up on my super late minis.
Well I must admit I am very jealous of all of my YouTube friends that have been shopping with all the sales going on. At the end of 2009 we had a lot of troubles happen that took most of our funds, so no shopping for me!!!! {Rough I know} but I know my responsibilities!!!! I am going to make the best of this new year that I can. I am grateful for all of my new YouTube friends and family and everything I already have. My husband is so wonderful and thoughtful, Why?- we said that we would not buy each other any gifts for Christmas b/c of everything going on. That was the promise right! Next thing you know he bought me the {Big Bite}. He said that his wonderful wife deserved to have at least one gift that she really wanted. It was the thought that made me cry. As a am happy to receive my gift, I am grateful to be blessed with this wonderful man. {Love you sweet pea}.

Happy 2010
Laura De La Rosa
The Vintage Key



Hey Laura I found you on youtube I think your goodwill haul video. Anyway Christina and I miss you at violettes. Hope you had a good holiday! Melissa

g45 necklace

Christmas mini

Christmas scrapbook donated to Dow Electronics christmas party {}